Q: What is Tournament X?
A: Tournament X is a tournament series designed for the ATHLETES.
We take in money from the tournament and camp fees and funnel it back to the athletes. Think of it as 'crowd funding' in the form of a tournament; all designed to get athletes to international tournaments.

Q: What is the U.S. Expeditionary Karate Team?
A: The U.S. Expeditionary Karate Team is the team composed of the selected winners from the Tournament X competition.

Q: How do we select the team?
A: We hold tournaments in Colorado that include qualifier divisions for a specific international event.

Q: What members of the team gets funded to the K-1 Event?
A: Our goal is to eventually sponsor all the athletes that make podium, But to start we will be selecting the top athletes from each age division. Selection will be based on medal placement.

Q: There is no qualifier or WKF prerequisite to go to a Youth K-1; Why try to make this team?
A: If an athlete makes the team, Tournament X pays that athlete's way to a specific Youth K-1 event. Tournament X also provides special Training programs in preparation for the Youth K-1 event. Tournament X also helps athletes acquire endorsements and sponsorships.

Q: Who's coaching at the Youth K-1 tournaments?

A: Our coaching and training staff is currently being selected and will be announced very soon.

Q: I'm 18-20, and I can't compete at a Youth K-1, so what kind of support do I get?
A: We will be supporting you in many ways, including Financial aid, Sponsorship opportunities and the abilities to earn revenue conducting youth camps in your region.

Q: What's the difference between Tournament X and other karate leagues offering junior incentives.
A: TOURNAMENT X is the ONLY series 100% focused on the youth athletes.
Tournament X is not tied to particular karate gear or product brands, a particular dojo, or anything that would take focus off of the athletes. There is no other agenda. It's just YOU, the junior athlete.

Q: Is this system based on points or a ranking system?
A: NO. You can show up to one or all Tournament X events; if you medal you make the team, no prior rankings or participation in other tournaments is required.

Q: My athlete is a 9 year old Novice. Is there any incentives for him/her?
A: Absolutely! This is not just a Elite focused tournament. We have special incentives for athletes aging from 5-11 at all skill levels including Ambassador programs, equipment prizes, and training camps just for them.

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