Junior Karate Competition
& Team Selection
Ages 5 - 20       Beginners - Elite Divisions       Kata & Kumite
Modified WKF Rules
October 30th - 31st, 2021
The Sports Stable
1 Superior Drive, Superior, Colorado 80027
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Tournament X is committted to providing the most benefits possible to our Junior Athletes, including the best training and performance camps, the most sponsorship opportunities, and the most financial aid ever offered in a US karate tournament.

Benefits for All Junior Athletes
Tournament X participants at all levels benefit from our programs; from ages 5 to 20 yrs. - Beginner through Elite

    Athletes 5 - 11 yrs.
    Youth-specific Sponsorship opportunities from national brands, Beginner through Intermediate level Youth-specific training camps, equipment prizes, and recognition for all levels; Beginner through Advanced.

    Athletes 12 - 17 yrs.
    In addition to Our flagship event; the U-14, Cadet, & Juniors Team Selection for Advanced/Elite 12 - 17 year old athletes, all 12-17 yrs. divisions and levels will be able to take advantage of all the same training benefits and sponsorship opportunities.

    Athletes 18 - 20 yrs. (U-21)
    Financial support prizes for participation in international competitions such as US Open, Karate 1 Series A, and Premier League events.


Team Selection Event for:
Karate 1-Youth League
Acapulco, Mexico
1/21 -1/23, 2022

U-14 (12-13) | Cadet (14-15) | Juniors (16-17)

Elite Division Winners
Will be funded to compete at this Youth K-1 as
US Expeditionary Karate Team Members
Includes; Airfare, Hotel, Competition fees, and more.


proud sponsor of Tournament X

proud sponsor of Tournament X

proud sponsor of Tournament X
For more information please contact us at: info@USXteam.com